Key Stage Three Art:

Key stage three pupils will work using a variety of media and enjoy looking at work from different cultures, themes and artists. They will undertake a formal still life exam each year to assess their drawing from observation skills which includes tonal shading and in year nine they complete a written exam to show knowledge and understanding on art theory.

Fine Art GCSE Option Year Ten and Eleven:

Exam board AQA Coursework = 60% of the final grade Exam = 40% of the final grade Coursework will comprise of the following projects: Mixed media project (sketchbook and A1 final piece) 20%  Portrait project (sketchbook and an A1/A2 final piece) 20% Buildings or nature project (sketchbook and final piece) 20% The exam section is undertaken January to March , pupils are given an exam question paper usually of seven questions and asked to choose ONE. They then produce a sketchbook full of artist/culture research, sketches, mixed media , compositions, final piece ideas before producing a final outcome over a ten hour period. Pupils will be expected to work at home to improve their work as well as in class time. They will be asked to undertake research into various artists, possibly take photographs or gather resources such as natural objects and complete sketches in their own time. They will be given opportunities to work in a variety of media including inks, pencils, scratch paper, pastels, paints, biro and various pens, printing and collage. The Fine Art GCSE is ideal for students who enjoy art and drawing, want to study Art, Textiles, Graphics or photography at College. Art as a GCSE subject shows dedication and time commitment and allows you to explore creatively and emotionally in a safe way. There  are many different careers in the Art World including these Gallery worker, architect, designer, animator, make-up artist, therapist, art teacher and many more.


GCSE Fine Art Dates Year Eleven Students

· Coursework started from September 2016

· Examination paper given out Monday 8th January 2018

· Examination 10 hours (2 full days)  Tuesday 20th &  Wednesday 21st March 2018

· Coursework deadline Friday18th May 2018


GCSE Fine Art Dates Year Ten Students

· Coursework started September 2017 (2 years to be completed)


ART KS4 Long Term (yearly) Plan 2016-2017 year ten

ART KS4 Long Term (yearly) Plan 2016-2017 year eleven