Curriculum Organisation 2016-17

The curriculum is linked closely to individual interests and need. It gives priority to meet pupils’ health, emotional and future needs and effectively promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Where appropriate, learning is enriched by alternative placements and/or other experiences.

Curriculum Delivery:

  • Promotes positive attitudes and encourages cooperation between peers and adults.
  • Incorporates a learning environment which focuses on an individual need, interest and concern yet requires children to work collaboratively and develop their individual social skills.
  • Optimises success by matching level of challenge to individual children’s levels of attainment and rates of development, through regular and consistent monitoring and assessment.
  • Provides equal opportunities regardless of gender, race and religion.

KS3 Curriculum


  • KS3 groups are organised into ‘tree’ groups.
  • Pupils are taught in mixed ability and mixed aged teaching groups within this key stage.
  • Teaching staff are reflective and plan accordingly for a pupils’ individual need.
  • All pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 follow the National Curriculum; however the development of literacy, numeracy skills and social emotional and behaviour management are priority with KS3 groups to assist in re-integration back into a mainstream school.
  • The Acorns School recognises that a full academic programme is not always appropriate and does not always meet need. Wherever possible, pupils are encouraged to develop practical ‘hands- on’ skills which also aid communication and team building and preparation for the later stages of mainstream education and training.
  • High expectation of pupil achievement of academic, vocational, social and emotional progress is fundamental to a pupils’ attainment at The Acorns School.


KS4 Curriculum

  • Organised into ‘tree’ group basis. Teaching groups are separated into year 10 and 11 classes.
  • All students working on accredited programmes including GCSE, Levels 1 and 2 (various) QCF vocational, Entry level and ASDAN Wider Key Skills.
  • Teaching groups reflect levels of need including learning, social, emotional and medical needs. Vocational needs are catered for wherever possible including sourcing provision beyond travel to learn area.
  • Four hourly lessons per day with one 45 minute lesson.
  • Individualised and focused teaching and learning.
  • Personalised timetables are reflective of individual need.
  • ‘In-house’ Curriculum
KS3 Curriculum


KS4 Curriculum
Maths Maths


Literacy English


Art Science


Cookery, Nutrition & Craft/ DT




Vocational tasters


ASDAN Wider Key Skills




Optional Subjects: Art, DT, IT, Land based studies, History & Media Studies
PE/ Outdoor Education opportunities PE/ Outdoor Education opportunities
Project based practical thematic (Cedar)
Vocational Programmes available
Creativity Workshops Various: Hair and Beauty, media arts, functional skills
Fixit UK Motor Vehicle building and   maintenance
West Lancs TLC


Construction accredited
BDS Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing accredited
Preston Vocational Centre Various construction/ building related courses
CAST and Fir Tree Fisheries Fisheries management


Learnfit Liverpool BTEC Sports and Fitness awards
Learnfit Liverpool BTEC Fashion
‘Beacon Learning’ Pathways in Learning Childcare, Beauty therapies, Administration, Functional skills accredited.
Parbold Equestrian Centre Horse Care ~management


Mrs Green

Deputy Headteacher

Review date: July 2017

Please find 2016/17 options booklet


KS4 options booklet (FINAL)