English is taught at The Acorns School by a team of specialist teachers.
Key Stage 3
Pupils follow a comprehensive course designed to develop their Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening skills. There is a strong focus on Literacy. The KS3 course covers:
Plays – including Shakespeare
Key Stage 4
In Year 10, pupils follow the AQA Step Up to English course. Pupils will draw upon a range of texts as reading stimuli and engage with creative, as well as real and relevant, contexts. Pupils will have opportunities to develop reading and critical thinking skills that encourage enquiry into different topics and themes. The course offers excellent preparation for GCSE English Language by enhancing pupils’ core Reading and Writing skills to support the progression to the GCSE.
In Year 11, pupils follow the WJEC English Language course. This course allows pupils to further develop and refine their Reading and Writing skills and leads to a GCSE qualification. The course is fully linear; 2 exams at the end of Year 11 will determine their final grade. There is also an unweighted Speaking & Listening component.
More personalised KS4 curriculum opportunities are available where required – which may include an additional GCSE in English Literature, a more Functional English qualification or an alternative exam board to work in partnership with a feeder school.

2016-2017 English KS3 Overview

2016-2017 KS4 Year 10 Overview

2016-2017 English KS4 Year 11 Overview

Entry level step up to English spec

Eng Lang NEW SPEC for assessment from 2017


Ash: Creating magazines



Maple: Writing a chapter for their autobiography



Elm: Creating promotional materials for their Theme Park