The development of transferable and sector skills is the main focus of this coutrse. We intend for every learner to have the opportunity to develop key transferable skills through both core and sector units. This will help learners to appreciate how the transferable skills they develop in their core units can be contextualised in the sector they are studying. On completion of their course, learners will have developed a set of transferable and sector skills that will benefit them whatever their chosen progression route.

The units we will cover are; Being Organised, Finding out about the Land-based sector, Growing Plants,  Caring for and keeping plants Healthy, Developing a progression Plan and Preparing soil for Planting. All the units have an emphasis on skills. The units are graded at unclassified, pass, merit and distinction.


The group has potted up displays and sold them to the public to develop the resources for their course.


They have built a compost bin out of old pallets to allow them to make their own compost to save costs.

Here are some tomato plants grown from seed that are ready to be potted on. To ensure all the goodness is used by the plants effectively the bottom leaves have been removed. This will encourage the growth of the plants.

The group have had their 1st crops from the seeds planted. There is some very fresh peas and radish.