Here you will find a list of our staff along with their roles and responsibilities as of 2015.

HT 1 Jane Eccleston
Strategic lead for whole school, Safeguarding DSP

DHT 1 – Louise Green
Operational responsibilities + Teaching and Learning

SLT TLR2 Senior Teacher 2 – Joanne Hodson
Operational responsibilities + Whole school literacy and numeracy with responsibility for SENCO

Pupil Support Manager – Alison Firth
Behaviour and Attendance Lead, Admissions, TAC/TAF/ CAF co-ordinator, Nurture/ Guidance/ CBT, Safeguarding and CLA lead

School Business Manager – Julie Davis

Teaching Staff 
Stephanie Heaton, Donna Low, Maggie Allred, Debbie Cleary and Sharon Evans, Simon Brown, Helen Cutts
All key stages: Science, ICT, Art, PHSE, PfWL, Humanities and English, Technology.

HLTA (2)
Janet Lewis & Joyce Carrick
Nurture, family support interventions, re-integration and SEND, multi-agency work PIT, Literacy /numeracy intensive support, Base line Assessments and associated tracking systems, PIT, WKS

TA3 – Carol Rooney
Health and Safety, Parents and Pupil Voice, E Safety

TA3 – Anita Bicker

TA3 – Pam Walsh
Beech TA

TA3 – Gemma Holcroft
Ash TA

TA3 – Jill Ellison
Elm TA

BSO Grade 5 – Julie Rimmer
General Administration

BSO Grade 4 – Pam Jaeger
Examinations Officer

BSO Grade 4 – Helen Staziker
Premises + H&S Administration, Admissions Officer

School Catering – Julie Marlow
Catering provision and cleaning of premises

Site Supervisor – Alan Noone
All site premises including H&S