‘Learning to Achieve’

We aim to support our young people to learn to make steps to improve and enjoy achieving success.

Together we strive to provide a caring, structured learning environment in which all pupils can develop academically, socially and emotionally and in which pupils and staff feel safe, secure and valued.

We offer an enriching, educational environment for pupils who have experienced difficulties in school. In our school pupils are accepted, valued and feel safe. We assess pastoral and learning needs and plan for progress. We give time to pupils. This is so they can reflect on and reassess their difficulties, build self-esteem and develop meaningful relationships.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum designed to capture pupils’ interests and prepare them for life. We aim to improve each pupil’s academic performance, ability to learn and social and emotional skills so that pupils are able to return to school, further education or enter the world of work.

We work productively and collaborate with parents, carers, other schools, training organisations and other appropriate agencies for the good of all pupils.

We want our young people to ‘learn to achieve’

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